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All Natural Grass Fed Beef

If you desire the best beef eating experience you can get at the local level, Pre-order now!

We’re offering our highest quality grass-fed beef between June and October. Here at Elk Valley Farm, our calves spend their entire lives as nature intended, roaming free with their herd on open pastures, outdoors in fresh air and sunshine. All of our meat is 100% grass fed beef that's born and raised on our farm, without confinement, antibiotics, growth hormones or the stresses of industrial farming. Elk Valley Farm free raised steers are truly milk-fed, pasture-raised, with unlimited access to mother’s milk, never fed milk replacers or supplemented with grain.


Naturally nutrient-rich, mother’s milk and native pasture forage produces meat that’s richer in color giving superior flavor. Unlimited access to mother’s milk and a natural, stress-free environment produces exceptionally tender and authentic beef. This is your assurance that our calves enjoy a natural, healthy diet.


At the age of harvest, they weigh between 900-1200 lbs and have only had grass and their mother’s milk. The hanging weight average is 750 lbs and we sell quarters, halves and wholes. Averaging at 140 lbs per quarter, you can expect to fill your freezer with exquisite beef products. Order because you want quality not, quantity! 

Limited availability! Please visit our farm store to put down a deposit and guarantee your spot to receive our signature beef for summer 2020 or you are welcome to pay in full right here on our website. Please keep in mind the remaining balance is due on the day of pickup. Thank you!

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