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Poultry Shipping Information and Policies

Elk Valley Farm’s flock is certified N.P.I.P. and Avian Influenza clean. N.P.I.P. #OR-420. ​We do welcome local pick up, but we are a bio-secure operation so we do not offer farm tours. Your birds will be boxed upon arrival to the farm. Shipping is available to those that are unable to pick up locally. 


Payment Information: We accept PayPal, check, or payment through Stripe. Full payment is required at the time of the order to finalize the order. Payments are nonrefundable, unless for some reason we are unable to fill your order, in which case whatever part of your order that was not filled (whether full or part) will be refunded.   


We Do Not Accept Returns


Live Birds


Chick Availability 

We routinely hatch chicks weekly on Tuesdays (January–August) and periodically through the fall. 


Minimum Orders

There is no minimum number for day-old chicks picked up on our farm. The minimum number of chicks required for shipped day-olds, depends on the time of year and the location. You must order a minimum of 6 chicks in order to ship May-October. You must order a minimum of 12 chicks in order to ship November-April. This ensures sufficient body heat for the chicks to survive their journey. 


Ordering Chicks 

All orders will be filled in the order they are received. Sometimes we do have space for spur-of-the-minute orders, but we recommend ordering well in advanced to be sure you get the chicks you want when you want them. Let us know the date you would like your chicks, and we will fit your order in as close to that date as possible. You will be notified of the expected hatch date and any alternate hatch dates. 



We ship anywhere in the continental United States (we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii).

Standard Shipping Method:

Live chicks and juveniles are shipped by the USPS Priority Mail Express. For chicks this generally costs $40-65 depending on your location. Shipping includes the approved chick box, bedding, grow gel and heat pack(s) when deemed necessary. Upon shipment, you will be provided with the USPS tracking number and the expected arrival date of the birds (usually within 48 hours of when they were shipped). Notify your Post Office that you are expecting a shipment of poultry. The shipment will be held for pickup at your Post Office and they will call you when they arrive. 


Pick Up at Farm

You can pick your birds up by scheduling a day/time. Chicks must be picked up within 36 hours of when you are notified that they are ready, and juveniles or adults must be picked up by the agreed-on date. The seller is not required to hold birds after the scheduled pick-up time has passed. We are a bio-secure operation so we do not offer farm tours



  • Chicks are graded for physical defects prior to shipment/sale. However, we are not responsible for issues that arise after shipment/sale.

  • Live birds shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express are guaranteed to arrive alive and without permanent damage. Any deaths or permanent damages must be reported with photographic evidence (including dead/damaged birds and box with shipping label) within 24 hours of arrival to receive a refund. In order for you to receive any kind of refund your birds must have been picked up from the post office no later than 2 hours after they are available for pick up. Inspection of all birds must be checked before you leave the post office. 

  • Only the cost of those birds that died or were permanently damaged will be refunded. Refunds do not include any living birds, other items, or shipping materials in the shipment. Refunds for birds that arrive dead or permanently damaged will at no time exceed the original purchase price. Refunds DO NOT include the cost of USPS shipping. If the birds died due to shipment time that exceeded the USPS Priority Mail Express two-day guarantee, a refund for the shipping cost can be collected from the post office. 

  • Beyond the above listed guarantees, there are no guarantees or warrantees on the birds. 


Will not issue refunds in the following circumstances:

  •  Birds were not picked up from the post office within 2 hours of being available for pick up.

  • If we are notified of losses more than 12 hours after the birds are received. 

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