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Breeders Choice allows you to purchase chicks from any of the breeds we raise that may be left over after filling all breed-specific orders. We try our best to mix up the breeds to provide you with a variety. However, at times, we may only have one or two breeds available. You could receive only one breed, or you may get all breeds, etc. This will not only save you money, but it will allow us to get your order out sooner. 
We cannot accommodate breed preferences for the Breeders Choice Option. If you want to be sure to get certain breeds, you should order breed-specific chicks. You are welcome to list your breed preferences at checkout, but this does not guarantee you will receive those breeds.  

Breeders Choice

  • Please review the Poultry Shipping Information and Policies before placing your order.

     Chicks are priced per chick and sold as straight run (as hatched) unless otherwise noted. ​​​​Please indicate at checkout if you’d like your chicks to be vaccinated against Marek's disease to ensure they get a good start in life.  

    Please keep in mind we are working with live animals and laying patterns and fertility are out of our control. Hatching and shipping can not be rushed. If you'd like to receive your chicks or hatching eggs by a certain date please place your order ahead of time. All orders will be filled in the order they are received and we will not be able to give a shipment date right away. We are a breeding farm not a high production hatchery, our breeding flocks are kept small to insure high quality poultry.

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