The Cream Legbar is well known for its beautiful blue to bluish green colored eggs as well as their autosexing ability. The breed was created by crossing Leghorns, Barred Plymouth Rock, Cambars and the Araucana. The autosexing feature came from the barring genetics in the Barred Rock, while the crest and blue egg color came from Araucana. Unlike many of the production breeds, the Cream Legbar lives a much longer and productive life. Not only are these birds cold tolerant and have the ability to lay throughout the winter but they are also very friendly. However, due to the size of their combs, they can be susceptible to frostbite. Extra measures should be taken to keep them dry and free from a damp environment if the weather gets too extreme. Greenfire Farms has imported three different lines over the past few years, with Jill Reese line still being the favorite. The Reese line has proven to produce birds with excellent crests, type and color. Additionally, only the Reese line will produce those gorgeous bluish green eggs. Our Cream Legbar hens are pure Jill Reese line.

Cream Crested Legbar (fertile eggs)

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