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Please add this service to your cart if you wish to have your chicks vaccinated for Marek’s Disease.

MD-Vac CFL is recommended for the vaccination of healthy one-day-old chicks only, to aid in the prevention of the signs and lesions of Marek’s disease.

We strongly recommend you have your chicks vaccinated. All of our chicks are vaccinated against Marek's Disease to ensure they get off to a good start in life.


Marek's Disease is a highly contagious viral infection that primarily affects chickens and is one of the most common diseases that affects poultry flocks worldwide. Once a bird becomes infected, it will be a carrier of the disease for life. However, not all infected birds will show signs of the disease until an outside stressor compromises their immune system. The percentage of clinically sick birds in a flock depends on the strain of virus and could kill up to 50% or more birds within a matter of weeks. Yet, it is one of the most preventable illnesses using vaccination. The vaccination must be administered to chicks immediately upon hatching. Birds must get the vaccine before they are exposed to the virus. Meaning, they must be kept away from other birds and have a separate caretaker for them, in order for the vaccine to do its work. Caretakers should shower and change clothes if needed to go back and forth between age groups. It is recommended that you keep the chicks isolated for at least 4-7 days.


There are only a few companies selling single vials of Marek’s vaccine to small flock owners. The individual vials contain 1,000 to 5,000 doses of vaccine. Unfortunately, once the vaccine is reconstituted, it must be thrown out after two hours. It cannot be stored for later use as the vaccine is no longer effective.


We are only charging the cost of the vaccine and offering the service itself for free. We want your chicks to get a good start at life and not be affected by this widespread disease.

Marek's Disease Vaccination

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