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The Painted Hen

 "Pita Pinta Asturiana" comes from the Asturian language, where pita means hen and pinta means mottled or painted. This rare breed is the only bird native to the autonomous Asturias region of Northern Spain. It is one of the most well-preserved areas of the country, full of diverse landscapes and rugged coasts. Unsurprisingly, such an area, known for centuries for its agricultural proficiency, should be home to such a glorious bird. Sadly, just over 2,000 of them exist today. With that said, our primary focus is preservation! It's a circle of sustainability-driven, mainly by breeders' efforts to keep these birds we love for many generations.

The Pita Pinta is a hardy, large-sized bird, with females weighing 6 pounds and males weighing 9 pounds. They are considered dual purpose, with hens laying an abundance of cream-colored eggs, roughly 250 eggs per year. Their earlobes are red, their eyes orange, and their skin is yellow. Many of our customers admire the black spots on their beaks and legs and their gentle disposition, making them a farm favorite.

Pita Pinta Asturiana

  • Hatching Eggs - Priced per egg


    We require a six-egg minimum purchase for shipped orders and order multiples of 6. You can mix and match the eggs with any breed. Fertile eggs will be shipped at most three days after they're laid and will arrive within 2 to 3 days of shipping. Eggs are collected daily and are stored properly to ensure freshness and improve viability. We do guarantee your eggs will arrive intact and ready for incubation. However, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate. There are many factors in the shipping of fertile eggs that are just simply out of our control.

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