Swedish flower hens emerged several hundred years ago, brought to Sweden by settlers. Weirdly enough, this breed was created through natural selection. They were not created by a structured breeding program, only selecting for certain traits. Thus, allowing them to be a strong more durable breed.


  During the last half of the 20thCentury, this breed became close to extinction. Much effort was put into action to save the breed. Today, only a thousand birds live in about fifty scattered flocks and very few were brought over to the United States. In Sweden they identify the breed as ‘bloom hens’ which evokes the image of a tangle of wildflowers. Their full beauty can’t be adequately appreciated unless you see for yourself the rich and striking colors of each individual bird. Not only will they light up your backyard with the plentiful colors they produce but their confidence around people is even more impressive. They are independent enough to thrive in a free-range environment but they seem to enjoy human interaction.


  This breed possess all of the positive aspects backyard chicken lovers search for. The hens are productive layers for most of the year and can lay an extra-large egg. Please be patient with your pullets first few weeks of laying as they can be rather small but within a few months you can expect to find large eggs in those nests. This breed is also well-adapted to colder temperatures.

*You can expect to receive genetically diverse chicks in both crested and un-crested varieties as well as colors associated with this breed (red, gray, black and white).

Swedish Flower Hen

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