The Welsummer is a Dutch breed originating in the small village of Welsum, Netherlands. They are famous for their large, dark, chocolate eggs. The Welsummer was originally created by crossing Rhode Island Reds, Barnevelders, Partridge Leghorns, Cochins, and Wyandottes.They can be extremely cold hardy, laying fairly regularly throughout winter during their prime laying years.This dual purpose breed possess similar characteristics to many other popular layers, such as excellent egg laying ability, hardiness, and a wonderful disposition. What really sets them apart from other dark egg laying breeds are their beautiful speckled eggs. The dark spots bring a certain individual charm to each egg with no two being the same.


  Our line of Welsummers consist of birds that originated from Dutch Lines, Sandhill Preservation and Whitmore Farm. In addition to breeding to the APA standard, our breeding program emphasizes egg color, size and laying ability.


  The Welsummer can be sexed at birth. The female has the dark line (like eye liner) extending beyond her eye towards her ear is dark and very well defined. On the male, that same line is light and blurry. Similarly, if you look at the triangle on the top of their head, on the female it is dark and clearly defined, the male's triangle is lighter and the edges are not clearly defined.


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